About Us

Sparrow and the bear wander together,
Around the forest, through storms, wind and weather.
Sparrow chirped happily and nested in tight,
“We’re such a great pair, it feels so right”.

“Get outta my fur!” the bear grumbled away,
“Because you flew in, doesn’t mean you can stay,
You’re tangling my hair and itching my back,
and your constant tweets are full of crap!”

“You can share my worms if you just let me be
we’re much better together, Just wait… you’ll see!”

The bear grumbled and shook with full might,
sparrow snuggled in closer and held on tight.
“Friends forever” tweeted sparrow,
“Hrmph!” grunted the bear.

We design and hand make all of our earrings in West End, the creative heart of Brisbane, Australia and send them around the world to brighten up your day


To get in touch with us send us an email: sparrowandthebear@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram

When Do I Get My Order?

We make all our earrings to order then hand package them to ensure they arrive safely to you. Please allow a couple of days for us to do this, but let us know if you are in a hurry and we will make them quicker if we can. 
 Average shipping times are below if you live in a metro area, but might change depending on the courier or your location:
Aus Post Regular:
2-5 Business Days
Aus Post Express
1 Business Day
Aus Post International
8 Business Days
When shipping internationally your country may charge you extra import duties and VAT. Please check with your countries specific regulations before ordering.
You'll get a tracking number emailed to you when we put them in the post

But I Want To Buy Them In A Shop?

Our earrings will be in selected shops in Australia shortly.
If you are a shop and you would like to stock us please send us an email at sparrowandthebear@gmail.com.